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Gaikindo Autoshow, Rise of The Future Mobility


Global trends in the automobile industry have shifted the conception of a cars purpose from simply transporting people from one point to another to something more complex. Those changes affect the way car makers, energy suppliers, insurance services, healthcare services, funding businesses, governments, policy makers and other automotive industry stakeholders think and decide.

These values are evolving alongside the rise of awareness on the new mobility (peoples movement) ecosystem. Younger generations nowadays prefer pay-per-use mobility over owning a car. Furthermore, nearly 50 percent of Generation Y is more likely to utilize smartphone apps for their transport solutions. The evolution towards the balance of the new ecosystem is still in progress, and innovative technologies are changing the way car makers evolve and build cars.

The use of electric power and fuel cells as a motor offer increased driving force with lower energy investment and emission levels. Lighter materials enable car makers to reduce a vehicles weight without sacrificing passenger safety. Breakthroughs in autonomous self-driving vehicles are currently being made, and reports on those experiments show that self-driving cars will enter the market in the near future.

At the same time, we are also witnessing rapid growth in vehicles interconnected with infrastructure (V2I) and vehicles interconnected with other vehicle (V2V). Those are made possible by integrated information technology and the internet network.

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